Ward Tours of Ireland

Private Chauffeur Driven Tours of Ireland

Ward Chauffeur Tours of Ireland provide the highest standards of chauffeur driven tours, airport pickups and transfers throughout Ireland. We offer tours and packages to suit the individual, a group, or a wedding couple or a business.

Our personal chauffeur driver service, attention to detail and local knowledge of the best places to visit in Ireland make us the Chauffeur Service you should choose in Ireland.

With over 20 years of chauffeur and tour experience, John has built up a selection of personal chauffeur tours of Ireland covering the main places of interest, including heritage attractions and other scenic gems around Ireland.

Private Personal Chauffeur Service in Ireland.


Call 087 7671125 or email john@wardtours.com

From overseas call +353 87 7671125

In Ireland there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met before.

John uses his knowledge of the countryside and cities to tailor your trip to meet each person's preferences. While driving with John in the 2020 EClass Mercedes, with black with white leather interior, you are sure to enjoy a luxurious experience with Ward Tours, private chauffeur tours of Ireland.